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Can’t make it to the in-person classes, or prefer to learn on your own with one-on-one guidance from the teacher? Our Complete Tarot Journey course is now available for distance learning! You will receive each of the ten lessons via email with hands-on activities and meet privately with the instructor throughout the course for individual instruction and the opportunity to ask questions.

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The distance learning option includes the full Complete Tarot Journey course curriculum, the Daily Tarot Practice workbook, and four one-hour private meetings with the instructor, scheduled at your convenience, to provide further instruction and answer any questions you may have. A typical distance learning course takes six weeks to complete, although you may finish in more or less time depending on your schedule and the amount of time you have to dedicate.

Part One: The Life You Are Meant to Live
Private Session #1: Introduction to the Tarot Deck and Course Material
the first private session, you will receive these lessons:
Lesson 1: The Path of Suffering: You Are Not Who You Think You Are
-Learn to honor and express your authentic self
Lesson 2: The Path of No Problem: You Are Already Free
-Learn to care for your authentic wants and needs
Lesson 3: The Tarot Path of Self-Compassion: Coming Home to Yourself
-Learn to love yourself without judgment

Part Two: The Path of Awakening: The Major Arcana
-Private Session #2: Instruction on Reading with Intuition, Authentic Self and the Major Arcana Cards
-Lessons you will receive:
Lesson 3: How to Read Any Tarot Card Using Your Intuition
-Learn to read tarot cards without memorization
Lesson 4: Major Arcana Part I: Your Personal Story of Self
-Explore the first 8 cards of the major arcana and your own life’s journey
Lesson 5: Major Arcana Part II: Your Authentic Self and the Law of Karma
-Explore the second 7 cards of the major arcana and your own life’s lessons
Lesson 6: Major Arcana Part III: True Self, True Freedom
-Explore the last 7 cards of the major arcana and your own life’s purpose

Part Three: The Doorway to Awakening: The Minor Arcana
-Private Session #3: Instruction on the Minor Arcana and Using Tarot to Foster Self-Compassion
-Lessons you will receive:
Lesson 7: Understanding the Suits, Numbers, and Stages
-Learn to use every situation in your life as an opportunity to practice caring for yourself
Lesson 8: Learning to Let Go: The Path through Wands
-Learn to trust and align yourself with the energy of the universe
Lesson 9: Learning to Break Free: The Path through Swords
-Learn to practice mindfulness instead of worrying and ruminating
Lesson 9: Learning to Love: The Path through Cups
-Learn the true meaning of love and how to practice it
Lesson 10: Learning to Enjoy: The Path through Coins
-Learn to experience joy throughout each day

Part Four: Wrap-Up Session and Introduction to the Daily Practice Workbook
Private Session #4: Answering Your Questions and Discussing Next Steps
You will receive:
Daily Practice Workbook: Everyday Tarot Practice: Opening Your Heart to Yourself
-Learn to experience your true self as compassionate awareness

*This course is for all levels of readers, from complete beginners wanting a comprehensive understanding of the cards and how to read them, and to experienced readers interested in a fresh approach to tarot that guides clients to true self-appreciation, self-care, and authenticity.


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