In-Person Classes

In addition to our online courses, we also offer workshops, practice meetups, and weekend intensives at our classroom in Seattle:

What can the suit of Pentacles reveal about experiencing joy in everyday life? Pentacles represent all the physical forms in our lives- our bodies, homes, possessions, and things we create and interact with. Working with the suit of Pentacles, we can learn to joyfully appreciate all of the forms that flow in and out of our lives instead of fearing, criticizing, or trying to control them. Whether you know it or not, every step you take is a meeting with a perfect and loving universe.

In this workshop, you will get to know your Pentacles cards and learn to use them to open to Everyday Joy.

Open to all levels of readers, or those just curious about the Tarot Path

What to bring: You do not need to bring anything- I have plenty of decks for you to choose from to use during the workshop, as well as paper and pens for notes and activities. I will have coffee, tea, and water available. You are welcome to bring your own deck, journal, or snacks if you like.

Cost: $45

What are you really searching for?

Underneath the multitude of desires and aspirations we appear to have, there is usually one profound, pervasive longing. We long to be truly free, at peace, at home in ourselves. The Tarot Path is one of satisfying this longing by opening your heart to your own self.

In this six hour intensive, you will explore this path and the possibility of peace with each moment in four introductory lessons:

Lesson 1: The Practice of Suffering: You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Lesson 2: The Practice of No Problem: You Are Already Free

Lesson 3: The Practice of Self-Compassion: Open Your Heart to Yourself

Lesson 4: The Tarot Path of Liberation: The Major and Minor Arcana

Each lesson includes lecture, handouts, and activities to enhance your learning. I will provide journals and decks to use in class, but you are welcome to bring your own if you like.

I will have coffee, tea, and water available, and we will break for lunch for one hour at 12:45. You are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks or gather at a nearby restaurant.

Cost for One-Day Intensive: $90

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