Distance Learning

Our Tarot Foundations course is now available for completion through distance learning!

You will receive a lesson via email twice a month, with the full curriculum of our Foundations course and activities to support your learning. Once a month, you have the opportunity to ask questions and integrate your learning through a personal video or phone session with Seven Star, the director of Seattle Tarot School and the curriculum author.

There are 9 lessons, and the program takes approximately 5 months to complete. You can begin at any time. Once you click below to make a payment, you will receive an email confirming your payment and outlining the timeline of your program.

The 9 lessons are:
1: How and Why Tarot Works
2: Using Your Intuition: Your Higher Self and Your True Face
3: Interpreting the Cards: Getting the Most out of Every Card
4: The System of Tarot & Numbers: The Hero’s Journey to Enlightenment
5: The Suits of Wands and Cups
6: The Suits of Swords and Pentacles
7: The Major Arcana 0-7
8: The Major Arcana 8-13
9: The Major Arcana 15-21

To purchase the Tarot Foundations distance learning program, click below:

Pay upfront and save $20! Total cost: $325

Make monthly payments of $69- Total Cost: $345

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