At the core of everything, there is Truth.

The Truth is that, in this moment, there is peace, and we are free. Tarot can reflect to us who we really are: always at peace, still, and powerful beyond what we can imagine. Tarot can also assist us in investigating how we create and use circumstances to obfuscate the Truth of our being, and cause ourselves disturbance and uneasiness. In this investigation, the strategies that cause our suffering begin to unravel and we are led back to the peace of simply being. Tarot has been used by countless people for hundreds of years to do just this, and now this opportunity is offered to you. I am excited to share with you this opportunity to lay down the burden of who you have thought yourself to be. Whatever your situation, it can be used as a doorway to this recognition, that you are not defined by any circumstance, but eternally and ultimately free.

At Seattle Tarot School, we have created a wonderful space for exploring the Tarot this way through our courses, workshops, practice meetups, and individual readings.

Read more about me and the Seattle Tarot School below, and please contact me if you have any questions! I look forward to meeting you in the possibility of recognizing your True Self.

-Seven Star

Director of Seattle Tarot School

About Me

Seven Star

Seven Star

Director of Seattle Tarot School

My name is Seven Star and I have been reading Tarot professionally for 22 years. I have been the director and lead instructor at Seattle Tarot School for 8 years. I also hold certification in Whole Person Coaching, Transpersonal Counseling, Applied Behavior Analysis, Expressive Art Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I have worked in the counseling field for over 20 years in a variety of settings.

My intention when reading for clients, as well as teaching students, is to guide others to a deeper understanding of whatever is causing them suffering. Through the Tarot, we bring peaceful awareness to even the most difficult circumstances, so that the heart can open and judgment is overwhelmed by compassion. Only then is it possible to begin to relieve our suffering. As we learn to be present and compassionate with our experience in every moment, it becomes possible to truly express and honor what we have to offer as individuals.

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